Just last week I brought you a photo that purported to show two Nats fans working on their taxes during a Nats-White Sox game at Nats Park.

This is apparently a trend. Because Monday night in Brooklyn, a man was spotted apparently filing his taxes during a Wizards-Nets game.

Is there something special about D.C. sports teams that inspires last-minute financial responsibility? Or, since this man was presumably a Nets fan, does this rather speak to the modern human condition, the culture of last-minute everything, the idea of a sporting venue as a larger entertainment gathering place and not merely a spot to watch an athletic competition? Should we assume more mundane chores — checking in with mom and dad, folding laundry, shaving and showering, practicing the trombone — will also one day be accomplished at sporting events?

Also, is there any doubt that parts of that Nets-Wizards game were more tedious than filing one’s taxes?

(Via @JumokeDavis)