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Let me start by saying that I’m not pro or anti-wave. I couldn’t care less if people sitting near me at a ballgame want to stand up and sit down in organized succession. But it’s one of those polarizing things that some fans seem to hate with a passion.

Last season, the bullpen went on record with its opinion that the wave should be squashed.

“Kill it,” Ryan Mattheus told me last season. “It’s the worst thing in sports. Sit down and watch the game….The thing about it is, you should be into what’s going on on the field, not what’s going on in the stands. It takes away from the game. I definitely understand why people hate it….I definitely vote kill the wave.”

Little did he know that he would inspire a movement with those words.

Some fans have started an underground effort to end the wave at Nats Park, complete with “Kill the Wave” T-shirts and a letter asking wavers to stop it. Stop it right now.

“Lately, it just sort of seems to be a thing that — come the sixth inning — somebody wants to do the wave, regardless of the situation in the game,” Frank Lattuca of Nats101 told WTOP. “It is a fun thing to do … But it indicates you’re not really paying attention to the game that’s going on, and it distracts other people too.”

The folks at Nationals Archive are also on board this train, but it seems to me that proof is in the numbers here. The best way to end the Wave is to just not do it. But the fact that it continues to roll through the stadium tells us that the anti-wavers seem to be outnumbered.

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