Emeka Okafor’s wife, Ilana, is due to give birth to the couple’s first child at the end of May, and the new father is finding it a little intimidating. Okafor sat down to dinner with Phil Chenier, and Wizards Magazine was there to document the chat about fatherhood.

“The whole process is a bit unnerving to me,” Okafor said. “Just thinking about the actual birthing process. I’m also not looking forward to losing sleep. I hear the first six months can be a little bit rough.”

Okafor said that because he’s a first-time dad, he’s been practicing changing diapers on his nephew to prepare.

It’s a lot more difficult than I thought,” he laughed. “There’s just certain things I didn’t really take into consideration, like them moving while you’re trying to…like, they’re squirming, they’re kicking and jabbing. You’re trying not to get peed on and the cleaning process is very difficult.”

Also difficult is gearing up for the baby.

“Another time it kinda hit me like, okay a kid’s coming, is when we have to go to Babies ‘R Us or something,” he said. “I have to go test out strollers and the little baby strap things, and I’m walking around the store and there’s nothing but little kids and pregnant ladies and lost dads. There’s this dad in a chair in the corner just chilling on this recliner and he just recognized my look of, ‘Oh my gosh. What’s going on?’ He may as well have worked at the store because he just started demonstrating and helping me out and telling me what this and that does.”

Hey, fathers have to stick together. Especially in the chaos that is Babies ‘R Us.

Here is the video of the full conversation. If you have parenting advice for Okafor, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to pass them along.