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Sonny Jurgenson was recently asked if he had tops for Robert Griffin III, and he offered this bit of advice.

“Quit running,” Jurgensen said. “As a quarterback, you make your living throwing the football. If you make your living running the football, you’re gonna play 10 games a year. Quit running. Run when necessary; get out of bounds.”

It seems that not every former Redskins quarterback agrees. Joe Theismann was on with the Junkies on 106.7 and expressed his belief that telling RGIII to stop running wasn’t the most reasonable thing to do.

“You can’t tell him to quit running because that’s what he is,” Theismann said. “I think what Sonny, like all of us want, is for Robert to make sure he can be available all the time. I think he has to be a smarter runner. I’ll give you an example, Colin Kaepernick. In the last two games of the year, the Super Bowl and the NFC championship game, he ran, I think, like eight times total. But it’s that mere threat of being able to take off and run and make a big play that makes defenses uneasy and gives the offense an advantage.”

Theismann went on to offer his own tips on running smarter.

“I just feel like, you look at what you see in Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick and Robert, are quarterbacks that have athletic skills that you have to account for. And that’s more valuable sometimes than actually going out and running. And Robert’s one of those guys. It isn’t a question of not running, it’s just being smarter. Go down. Don’t take any unnecessary hits. You can’t think about, as you head for the sidelines, cutting back and trying to pick up more yards. It’s that kind of thought process that Robert’s going to have to start incorporating into his game. And in the conversations that we’ve had in the offseason, I’ve seen him an awful lot, and he totally understands what’s going on.

“He’s not gonna stop running,” he continued. “It’s just not him. You can’t ask him to do that. That’s like asking Peyton Manning to stop his feet from moving in the pocket. It’s not gonna happen. It’s part of who you are.”