I watched the end of the Wizards season on Wednesday, because like most of you, I have the sickness. That one where you think maybe I’ll sit down for some tea and a novel while listening to Stravinsky, but then you think nah, I guess I’ll just watch the Wizards and drink the rest of this Bud Light.

Anyhow, this slant on the last few minutes is probably gloomier than necessary, but if you’re in a dark mood, they sort of summed up the season.

Like Phil Chenier posting his five top five outcomes of this ’12-’13 season, which ended with a .354 winning percentage.

Or John Wall — whose shooting was actually a highlight in several games — closing the season with an airballed three-point attempt.

Or radio voice Dave Johnson — one of the best and hardest-working media members in the market — briefly thinking that shot had gone in to tie the game. It was less than a second before he recovered, but it still felt fitting.

“So close,” Johnson later said. “And yeah, in some ways, that represents the season.”

Moral victories, though.

(Vine via @Truth_About_It)