(John McDonnell/The Washington Post) (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

On Tuesday, Chris Cooley went to Glenridge Elementary School to read books with some of the students there. Dave Owens of WUSA9 caught up with the Redskins tight end after the event.

“I’m more than happy to read to kids because, literally, it’s the best event you can possibly do,” Cooley said. “I mean, supporting these kids and trying to promote, at the age that they’re at, promoting them to read and making them excited about reading is awesome.”

Cooley went on to talk about why he loves these particular events.

“I think the biggest thing for me is, I want them to be excited about school and be excited about reading,” he continued. “So we read a book called ‘Three Ninja Pigs,’ which is great. And at the end of the book I wanted to talk about what they learned in the book, other than my silly voices, which I felt real embarrassed about.”

And then he demonstrated one of the reasons why he’s a fan favorite, and performed one of the voices he used while reading the book (1:30 mark in the video below).

“I didn’t want to read the book and stand up and say, ‘Alright, I’m out of here,'” Cooley said, explaining why he stuck around to hang out with the kids. “So I finished the book and talked about the moral of the story and the characteristics of the pigs. There was bullying that went on, so we talked about bullying because that’s a big issue right now. We talked about dedication; one of the pigs was really dedicated. So, the kids really enjoy it and it makes them think and I try to let them to talk and think, and I just want them to, and again they’re at that age, third graders love reading, they love school, and they need that constant constant reinforcement from people. And I am so happy to do that.”

Here’s video of the interview, with the portion transcribed beginning at the 0:45 mark.