New Orleans announced that the new team name, Pelicans, was officially taking effect on Thursday. It’s not the fiercest of names, but I guess someone in D.C. would be the last person to cast stones in the team name department.

Garrett Temple grew up in nearby Baton Rouge, and I asked him how he felt about the name.

“Out of the 30 NBA teams, I really wished it wouldn’t be New Orleans,” he said. “But, it is the state bird. I learned about that in sixth grade in Louisiana history, that the pelican was the state bird. Not that I’ve seen a lot of pelicans in New Orleans.

“I wish we could just get the Jazz back, because there’s a lot of jazz in New Orleans,” he continued. “There’s not a lot of jazz in Utah. I don’t know what Utah would be. Do a name trade, something.”

Temple acknowledged that some might say the same about the Wizards.

“Maybe just because I’m used to the Wizards, even though I haven’t seen a wizard in Washington, D.C., as of yet,” he laughed. “But, the Pelicans just doesn’t seem right. Maybe because it’s just starting. Maybe in three years we’ll be talking about another name change, the Pelicans will be an afterthought.”

For the record, Michael Lee disagrees with my assessment on the fierceness of Pelicans.

(video via Truth About It)