(Tracy A Woodward/The Washington Post) (Tracy A Woodward/The Washington Post)

On a recent “4th and Pain” podcast, Adam Carriker told the story of an odd delivery he got while he was working out at Redskins Park.

“I’m at Redskins Park,” Carriker recounted. “I’m doing rehab and I get a page from the front desk, ‘Adam, you have 500 pounds of compost up front.’ I ignore this person because it’s our head trainer, Larry, and I don’t really listen to him that much. Just kidding. But I don’t know what he’s talking about, so I’m like, ‘Okay. Whatever.’ I just kept doing rehab.

“Then we get another page,” he continued. “The other trainer, Elliot, comes over and is like, ‘Dude. They want to know what you want to do with this 500 pounds of compost.’ I go upstairs, I’m like what are they talking about? There’s all these bags. There’s 500 pounds of compost and I’m just like, ‘Oh my gosh. Are we starting a farm?’ I had no idea.”

The Carrikers routinely have things outside of normal mail delivery sent to Redskins Park, presumably as a privacy and safety measure. Carriker went on to explain the need for the compost.

“My wife wants to start a garden,” he said. “She’s growing beans and strawberries and pumpkins. And then of course all the trainers are like, ‘What are you going to do with 500 pounds of crap, Carriker?'”

I’m no expert, but either they have a massive garden, or they’re gonna be stuck with a lot of awesome-smelling leftover compost.

Here’s the story from Adam himself: