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The Wizards’ season ended on Wednesday last week, and on Thursday they gathered to clean out their lockers, talk to coaches about their summer conditioning goals and speak to the media for the last time. Here is a collection of the best words uttered by Wizards during their exit interviews.

“That kid’s future is very bright. He’s just gotta keep that weak-ass ankle under control. Do not edit that, okay? Exact words.” – Martell Webster, on Bradley Beal.

“That’s a good question. That’s a great question, actually. I don’t even know how tall I am. I’m hoping 6-4. I’m 6-4, 6-5 on a good day.” – Bradley Beal, when asked to clarify how tall he is. So, basically he didn’t really clarify.

“This team is definitely a playoff team. With the guys that we have here, I think we’ve shown and proven that we can play with anybody.” – A.J. Price, on the Wizards’ potential.

“It’s not all about me. I’m not a selfish person, a selfish type of player. All I want to do is win. If we winning, I’m cool with anything. So that’s all that matters to me.” – John Wall, on what contract amount he’s willing to accept.

“Depends on what my mom wants to do. If she wants to get a house. Lord knows how that’s gonna go.” – Bradley Beal, on how he’ll spend his money this summer.

“Maybe, I don’t know. My mom, she probably won’t let me. I mean, I still have to listen to her. I can’t just go against her.” – Bradley Beal, reminding everyone that he’s still 19 years old.

“Being a starter has never been an importance to me, since my first, second year in the league. Great players come off the bench.” – Martell Webster, on being a bench player.

“For the people who talked a lot of crap about us, we shut mouths. Now we have a new season, and for sure it’s gonna be better.” – Nene, on starting the season poorly but finishing strong.

“I just have good vets. Not popcorn in the car, no pink backpacks. Nothing.” – Bradley Beal, on not being hazed much in his rookie year.