“RGIII jerseys paraded around streets of Dubrovnik.”

“Hundreds saved as RGIII jerseys dam flooding river.”

“RGIII jerseys achieve Peace in Our Time.”

I expect I’ll use all these headlines eventually. But for now, I’ll stick with “Martin O’Malley presents RGIII jersey to Knesset member,” seeing as how that’s a real thing that actually happened over the weekend.

“Do we have a gift or something?” O’Malley asks in this video, posted by Dov Lipman, a Silver Spring native, Orthodox rabbi and member of Israel’s parliament. (O’Malley is currently on a trade mission to Israel and Jordan.)

“We wanted to make him feel at home,” a voice from off-camera says.

“Oh my,” Lipman says, as an RGIII jersey is procured. “You just touched me on the deepest of levels.”

“So here we go,” O’Malley tells the media crowd. “Rabbi, this is from your home place. This is who everybody roots for in Silver Spring, Maryland. And this year, everybody was fired up by RGIII.”

“So I just want to tell you, Governor, that I was at the National Prayer Breakfast last year,” Lipman says. “And RGIII was the guest speaker. And before I even saw him play, before I knew he’d be a Redskin, he talked about God, and about prayer. And we talked afterwards for a while, and we have a relationship. And I looked all around Israel for a jersey of his.”

“There you go,” O’Malley says. “Mazel Tov.”

“Thank you so much,” Lipman says, later explaining that his 16-year old son “can’t get enough of RGIII.”

The episode, of course, ended with a photo of an RGIII jersey in the Jerusalem Post. A publication that never, to my knowledge, has featured the jersey of John Beck.

(Via @krantz8)