It was suggested to me that there’s maybe not tremendous news value in this photograph of Mike Shanahan with three female fans in Clarendon on Friday night.

But I’m going to post it anyhow, for a variety of reasons.

1) Look how happy and relaxed he looks. There are a limited number of “Mike Shanahan looking happy and relaxed with fans” photos in circulation, or at least, that have been posted on the Bog. And yet I’ve posted countless photos of him looking angry and/or dour and/or ready to smash down locker room doors with sledgehammers. It makes me happy to see him happy and relaxed, so I thought I’d share some of that happiness with you.

2) Shanahan is a legendarily ravenous consumer of all published news about his football team. And the idea that some intern at Redskins Park might now have to print out an item whose only actual nugget of information is a photograph of Mike Shanahan looking happy and relaxed at Clarendon Grill, and then hand it to the coach, makes me even happier. If only I could get a photograph of Shanahan’s smile upon being handed this happy item.

3) Then maybe he would decide that the two of us should sit down in his office sometime and get to know each other. Maybe we could drink green tea. I would bring some locally produced snacks — Pop Chips, perhaps. The salsa flavor. And we could talk about craft brews and his favorite spots in D.C. and the things that make him happy apart from football wins and losses. Literature, maybe, or music. I’d be curious. You would too, I reckon.

4) And then maybe this would lead to a sort of renaissance in the field of “happy and relaxed Mike Shanahan candid-ish photos” around the greater Washington area. As you can see, he’s apparently been making moves lately.







5) But Mike, assuming you’re still reading — and really, the experience would probably be better on mobile, as long as you don’t plan on leaving comments — I hope this doesn’t come across as creepy or stalkerish. The people are happy to see you out and about with them. They’d love to see a more Boudreauvian side — amusing local television commercials, perhaps, or appearances at local high school ball fields on warm spring afternoons, bags of Cracker Jack in hand. If you’re the coach of a playoff-bound Redskins team, people want to be able to embrace you. In a figurative sense. But also, I guess, if you’re these three ladies out in Clarendon on a Friday night, in a more literal sense.

Anyhow, let’s do Galaxy Hut sometime. And now, on to more important matters. Like this: