(Rob Carr/Getty Images)


When a basketball shot splashes through the net, it’s not uncommon for other players to call it a “wet ball,” meaning nothing but net. But at some point the Wizards started calling it “Watergate,” and last week a curious media member asked why.

It turns out that A.J. Price is behind the new team term.

“I came up with a lot of stuff. I got a lot of words that these guys are running around here stealing, but it’s all good,” he told us. “Watergate was something I got from my trainer in high school. Years back, I don’t know where he got it from, and I just took it and ran with it.

“Whenever you knock a shot down, and it don’t touch no rim, it’s Watergate,” he continued.

“John started saying it, Bradley started saying it,” laughed Garrett Temple. “And then we just shortened it to “gate” and it was just a thing that all the perimeter guys said when they make shots, when it swishes. Watergate.”

While the man who brought it to the team doesn’t mind sharing the word, he’s not cool with the whole shortening it to “gate” thing.

“It’s gotta be Watergate,” Price said, shaking his head. “You gotta say the whole thing. The Water is the most important part of it. The Gate is just, you know, added.”

Got it.