(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)


Anthony Rendon is filling in for Ryan Zimmerman while Zimmerman is on the DL. Rendon, who got his first major league hit on Monday night, talked to reporters about how he found out from Harrisburg Manager Matthew LeCroy that he was being called up.

“I was actually getting ready for the game that night,” said Rendon to reporters before Monday’s game. “Two 7-inning games because we got rained out the night before. I was getting ready and he goes, ‘Hey. I wanna see you in my office,’ with an aggravated look like I did something wrong. I was confused. I was like, dang, I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? And then he broke the news to me a little easier inside his office.”

Although temporary, his activation makes him susceptible to rookie duties, and it seems that Jayson Werth wasted no time.

“Actually, I had to take a little carry-on for Jayson Werth onto the plane the first day,” Rendon laughed. “I figured something like that was coming.”

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