Yes, we all know the Redskins haven’t built through the draft for, oh, 20 or so years. Yes, there are now new men running the show, and the 2012 draft class has shown signs of being historically transformative.

But we can’t just dismiss the past. Only by grappling with and understanding the past can we still manage to wring a few page views from it.

And so, ESPN the Magazine’s draft preview edition, which ranks NFL teams by a variety of draft categories. The currency used here is “AV,” a player’s “Approximate Value,” as calculated by Pro Football Reference, which essentially divides up the amount a unit was better or worse than the league average into player-specific component.

By that metric, according to the Magazine, the Redskins have been the NFL’s fifth-worst drafting team since the draft went to seven rounds in 1994, ahead only of the Saints, Raiders, Lions and Browns.

“Thanks to their penchant for trading picks in exchange for overvalued — and often unproductive — veterans, the Redskins have made the second-fewest picks per draft (6.8), and their Expected AV per year is the lowest in the NFL over this span (102.5),” the Mag writes.

You want more suffering? The Magazine also listed each franchise’s best draft pick since 1994, based on the difference between a player’s actual NFL production and the expectations of his draft slot. The Redskins’ best pick was Champ Bailey, a guy who played here for about 20 minutes.

One more bit of agony? The Magazine also listed each franchise’s worst draft pick since 1994, players who produced far less than would have been expected based on draft slot. Heath Shuler, chosen third in 1994, was the guy for the Redskins, and ranked among the five biggest busts since 1994, along with names like Charles Rogers and Ryan Leaf.

All in all an ugly picture. Of course, ESPN the Magazine also predicted the Redskins would finish 2-14 in 2012.

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Hey everyone, it’s St. Louis columnist Joe Strauss! Give it up for such wit, such pith, such keen powers of observation, such biting insight, in the same way that Luis Suarez has biting insight.


Two world-class Canadian soccer players who are playing professionally for the new Washington Spirit have an interesting host family this season: a retirement community in Rockville. “Average age of the players: 28. Average age of their neighbors: 82.” Steven Goff has the full story.


Dan Haren, on the middling start to the season for the Nationals:

“Nobody’s panicked in here,” Haren said. “We’re kind of just treading water right now. We’re going to hit our stride. I’m going to be better. Everybody is going to be better. I think other people are more panicked than we are.”

Damn straight they are. D.C. sports fans are experts at panic. It’s a regional specialty.


Now that the Wizards’ offseason is here, we can get down to important matters, like John Wall meeting a dog that was named after him. On the Internet, of course.

“Lol wats up,” Wall wrote to (presumably) the dog’s owner on Twitter.


Now that the Wizards’ offseason is here, we can get down to important matters, like Bradley Beal signing a baseball at Nats Park. Now someone hand Bryce Harper a football to sign, or Alex Ovechkin a soccer ball, or Jan Vesely a basketball.


These are the times when it’s truly special to be a District resident. From the D.C. government: “Potholepalooza is the District’s month-long spring campaign to aggressively repair damaged roadways across the city. The first-ever Potholepalooza was held in 2009, and since then DDOT crews have filled almost 21,011 potholes during the annual campaign. Through May 22, DDOT, the agency responsible for the repair of potholes for the District, will work to repair identified potholes within 48 hours of the request (normal response time is within 72 hours).” Let’s party.


The Nats host St. Louis and Pete Kozma at 7 on MASN. The Caps host the Jets at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. The Caps would remain overwhelmingly likely to make the playoffs even if they lose in regulation, so don’t worry too much. All TV and radio listings are here.

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