(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


A slightly oversized helmet toppled off of Anthony Rendon’s head during an at-bat on Monday, leading to that awesome photo above. The young infielder was kind enough to relive that moment for me.

“We started in New York,” Rendon explained. “Wally, the clubhouse manager, he asked me for the helmet size and everything. I told him 3/8. I put it on, I was like, ‘Well, let me try the quarter and see if it will fit better.’ The quarter fit better over there in New York.

“When I came back here, I had a helmet ready for the home games and it was a 3/8. I put it on and was like, ‘Well, it feels snug.’ I thought it was gonna work, but obviously it wasn’t snug enough. It kinda slipped off a little bit.”

A little bit is an understatement. Although it was embarrassing, Rendon admitted that it could have been worse.

“At first I was trying to survive the at-bat,” he laughed. “I knew there was a chance he was gonna come inside on me, and was just trying to adjust and stay alive out there and get another pitch to see. When I felt my helmet coming off, I was like, ‘I gotta catch it.’ I grabbed it and looked down – I was hoping the ball didn’t go into play. I would have been out because I was still sittin’ in the box. So I looked up, nobody was moving and I started smiling and laughing at myself. It was a good moment.”

One pitch later, Rendon got his first major league hit, but the helmet blooper haunted him as he ran the bases.

“I was thinking, ‘I gotta get to second base,’” he said, with a 1,000-Watt grin. “I was just running. I was like, ‘Man, just don’t do anything else stupid.’”