By John McDonnell/TWP. By John McDonnell/TWP.

Henry Rodriguez has been something of a bright spot for the Nats this season, and that was again true on Tuesday night. He threw two innings, allowed just one base runner, struck out two, and was generally a competent relief pitcher.

But the historically erratic Rodriguez also performed a sort of wild-pitch/balk combination thing that involved a baseball clearing the screen behind home plate.

Yes, there was an insane bounce involved, and yes, there was a balk involved, and yes, this probably isn’t fair to put on his ledger. But the fact is, the guy threw a pitch from the pitcher’s mound, and fans wound up scrambling for the ball in the stands. Like, far up in the stands. That’s something.

“You don’t see many pitches go halfway up the President’s Club,” MASN’s Bob Carpenter observed. Indeed.

Fans also seemed to think this was notable.



Here’s a short clip, via @recordsANDradio.