Caps fans were likely smiling throughout much of the third period of the team’s division-clinching win on Tuesday night, and if they kept their televisions tuned to Comcast SportsNet, they likely kept smiling after the game.

This interview between Matt Hendricks and Smokin’ Al Koken is pure happiness, 82 seconds of Cherry Limeade Slurpee converted into digital video form. The six best things about it:

1) Hendricks is virtually hugging Koken throughout.

2) Koken’s first question concerns the team’s rally from the pits of despair to a division title.

“Yeah,” Hendricks agrees, then changes the subject to the interview itself. “This is pretty neat. I don’t get to be out here too often,” he says. While grinning.

3) Hendricks re-adjusts his arm, but continues to virtually hug Koken, while gazing into his eyes.

4) “You got em with a very interesting goal,” Koken points out. “Obviously, anything to the net is a good thing.”

“What does that mean?” Hendricks asks. “I thought it was all skill.”

5) Hendricks is constitutionally unable to stop smiling. Like, you could have filled the ice surface with monitors showing Bambi’s mother dying over and over and over again, dozens of GIFs of tender cartoon death, and Hendricks would have kept grinning like a jester.

6) Koken ends the interview with a throwaway line about having home-ice for the first round of the postseason.

“PLAYOFFS BABY,” Hendricks then notes. “WHOO-HOOOOO!”