Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images

Back when people were evaluating Alex Ovechkin’s torso, Ted Leonsis stuck up for his star.

“You have to trust me,” Leonsis said at the time. “Alex isn’t fat. I’m fat!”

Well, now it’s time to evaluate Leonsis’s torso, which seems to be shrinking rather quickly.

Back in January, I noticed that Leonsis was looking a little thinner than usual. I reached out to him through a Monumental Sports spokesperson to see if he wanted to talk about his weight loss journey, and he politely declined. Since then, he’s been quietly and quickly reducing in size (see here and here), and his appearance at the Congressional Hockey Caucus yesterday showed the results of his efforts.

Some of his players have noticed, and offered kudos to the team owner when asked about it.

“He does. He definitely does,” said Bradley Beal, when I mentioned that Ted’s been looking more svelte lately. “He’s sneaking in here late at night, I guess.”

Beal wasn’t the only player who thinks Leonsis has been working on his fitness.

“I’ve seen him around, watching us work out a lot,” said A.J Price. “So maybe he’s stealing a few pointers and things like that.”

Trevor Ariza agreed, adding that there is certainly a level of stealth involved here.

“You know what? He probably gets in here all the time. Me personally, I haven’t seen him,” said Ariza. “He probably got a gym in his office. He does look good, from the first time that I saw him.”

How Leonsis, who at one point served on the board at Nutrisystem, is achieving his healthier physique is still a mystery. But it’s certainly inspiring me to get myself together before someone decides to publicly evaluate my torso.

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