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One of the coolest things about the Nats pitchers is that they seem to pay attention to what the fans are doing and saying on Twitter, especially when it comes to photoshops. Like Ross Detwiler and this “Other Guys” photoshop, created by @JWerthsBeard and @JackoBeam. Or Detwiler again, when he decorated Ryan Zimmerman’s locker with images created by Bog reader and fan Allen Petersen.

During spring training we got word that another Petersen photoshop had been used by the starting pitchers in T-shirt form.


As far as I know, no one got a picture and it has haunted me ever since. So I tracked one down in the clubhouse with the help of Gio Gonzalez.

(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)


Speaking of Ninja Turtles, Puck Daddy decided which one of the Caps players personifies each one of the cartoon pizza-eating ninjas. Pretty sure that Troy Brouwer is way more Michelangelo than Ovi.