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The Nats dropped to one game below .500 after Wednesday’s loss to the Cardinals, and no one is more frustrated than the players, who seem to think maybe they’re trying a little too hard.

“We’ve been trying to do too much. That’s a common side effect. It’s just one of those things. It’s early. It’s not as bad as it seems. Somebody said last night it feels like we’re 0-20, but it’s not that bad. We’re only one game under .500 and it’s April.” – Jayson Werth

“It’s frustrating. We’re just not doing the things we’re capable of doing. Guys are trying to do too much. [Ian Desmond] looked like he was trying to hit the ball to the light tower. Little things where guys are trying to create something that’s not there yet.” – Davey Johnson

“We’re all frustrated. We all want to go out there and win every single game. It just seems like the ball’s not really dropping in our favor. It seems like we hit it right to where they’re at, every time. That’s not going to happen the entire year.” – Stephen Strasburg, who suffered his fourth straight loss.

Amid all the frustration and losing, remember this. The Redskins were 3-6, before getting their act together and winning the division. The Caps started at 2-8-1, and they’re headed into the playoffs with a division title. The Wizards, well the Wizards didn’t make the playoffs. But they started 4-28, before ending up 29-53.

The point is, it has been a year of slow starts for Washington teams. Less than one month into the long baseball season isn’t the time to start panicking.


Yes. Yes, I do.


Jayson Werth, on what the Nats need:

“We need to jumble it up and we need to switch the mojo a little bit. I think somebody was talking about Phil Jackson the other day. We need to call him up, have him come in here and burn some sage or something. We’re not very feng shui right now.”


Looks like there was a Zone Conference trip to Nats park on Wednesday.

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Fox5’s Sue Palka calling the famous elbow surgery “Elton John” surgery at the 4:40 mark. Pretty sure she was kidding.
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I know I said don’t panic, but just in case, Hugh Kaufman and company are holding their traditional rubber chicken sacrifice today at noon in front of the center field gate at Nats Park. Any Nats fans in the area are welcome to attend. I hear there will be sage burning at Jayson Werth’s request.

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