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The weird tradition of sacrificing a rubber chicken to help change the luck of an under-performing Washington team may have some new believers. After Thursday’s sacrifice and sage burning in honor of the Nats and at Jayson Werth’s suggestion, the team walked away with a much-needed win against the Reds.

I talked to some of the players before the game about the ritual.

“I think it’s funny,” Ryan Mattheus said with a smile. “I don’t think it’s gonna hurt. We’re superstitious to go along with it. I think if you ask anyone in here, they’d probably welcome that whole ceremony out there. I don’t think you’ll see any of us doing it.”

Drew Storen was also on board.

“You know what? If it’s worked in the past, why would it not work now?” he said, before thinking for a second. “It’s just a rubber chicken, right?”

Yes, just a rubber chicken.

I told Storen about the Troy Brouwer’s “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work” response to a similar sacrifice earlier in the Caps season.

“That’s exactly right,” Storen said. “There’s just sometimes, in hockey but in baseball, too, there’s just some times things just happen. There’s a lot of uncontrollable that are just outside circumstances that effect the game. I guess that’s why we have rubber chickens.”

Craig Stammen was a little more skeptical.

“This might be weird if it did work,” he laughed. “It has no effect on anything that happens in a major league baseball season. But if it worked in times past, maybe it will work again.”


While one win doesn’t determine a trend, a few more wins might make believers out of these guys.

“I think I already believe in it,” Mattheus said.


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