Jason Reid and I were chatting with LaVar Arrington about his upcoming NFL Draft appearance a few days ago. I asked him if he knew what he would wear.

“My Redskins jacket,” he said.

I thought he meant like an athletic warm-up jacket, or maybe some sort of cold-weather outer wear. I was not correct. He meant a burgundy Redskins blazer smoking jacket, which was among the draft’s most fantastic fashion statements.

Also fantastic: the complete text of LaVar’s speech.


“Boo you!” he said to the New York crowd. “I’m @LaVarArrington by the way. And with the 51st pick in the 2013 NFL draft, MY Washington Redskins take David Amerson, cornerback, North Carolina State. HTTR!”

Yes, he dropped a “Boo you!” and an “HTTR!” while wearing a burgundy Redskins smoking jacket. Yes, we will be asking him about that in an upcoming episode of Washington Post Live.


Also fun: the reaction of the Amerson family.

Here’s the full video.

(Images via @TheWuWu and @_JakeRussell)