Phillip Thomas (Dave Martin/AP) Phillip Thomas (Dave Martin/AP)

The Redskins took seven players in this year’s NFL draft over the weekend. Here is a collection of the best word uttered by and about some of those draft picks. 

“We do a lot of background checks. We talk to these people quite a bit, and not only him, coaches and head coaches, and if we don’t feel comfortable with someone, we don’t sign them, and we felt very comfortable with him.” – Mike Shanahan, on Baccari Rambo’s past drug problems.

“I thought everybody had forgotten about me, man. I was sitting here, praying, asking God to give me one team that liked me, and the Redskins called. It’s just a blessed moment and I just thank the organization for believing in me.” – Safety Baccari Rambo, on being drafted in the sixth round, later than expected.

“I feel like I’m going to be the steal of the draft.” – Safety Phillip Thomas, who was selected in the fourth round.

“It’s incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I’m blessed.” – Tight end Jordan Reed, who said he was surprised when the Redskins called.

“I think they’re both brilliant guys and great coaches and will make me a better player. I’m real excited.” – David Amerson, on Raheem Morris and Jim Hasslett.

“She’s a trooper. She’s always been there for me, as a single parent. … She was like my mother and father all in one and she did a tremendous job at it.” – Running back Jawan Jameson, who entered the draft early so he could support his mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer.