Just another normal weekend for Robert Griffin III, who did jumping jacks on national television and then caused headlines on Breitbart.com when Howie Kurtz reported that Griffin did not attend the White House Correspondents Dinner.

A great number of online critics of the White House and the culture of Washington praised Griffin for not attending that dinner. But while a team spokesman confirmed that Griffin did not attend the dinner, he did go on a double-date with Daniel and Tanya Snyder to the after-party, as the Reliable Source reported.

Among the stars who came running over to get his RGIII photo: Kevin Spacey.

Big fan? “He’s, like, heroic,” Spacey insisted.

And thus, photos of RGIII in black tie with MC Hammer, and RGIII with Miss America, and RGIII with Hayden Panettiere, and RGIII with a fan. He appeared to be one of the few attendees wearing a headband.

(Via @MissAmerica, @MCHammer, and @SalCary. First tweeted by @recordsANDradio.)

(Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)