The cheap and easy joke to introduce this segment would go something like this: Vinny Cerrato delivered a lengthy scouting report on Redskins second-round draft pick David Amerson on his Baltimore radio show earlier this month, so if you want to know what not to think, here is Cerrato’s breakdown.

But that’s a cheap and easy joke. So I won’t make it.

By Michael Conroy/AP. By Michael Conroy/AP.

Anyhow, here’s what Cerrato had to say about Amerson, whom he called a late-second or early-third round cornerback.

“Strengths: he’s got balance, he’s an athlete, straight-line speed, quick read and react, reads the quarterback well in zone, has catch-up speed, can turn and run, can play off blocks and make the tackle,” Cerrato told co-host Rob Long. “Will wrap, good burst to close, good read of quarterback in zone, smart in zone, shows strength tackling, good ball skills, good hands, good anticipation, can turn and run and press, good mirror, ball hawk.

“Weakness: not quick-footed in his pedal,” Cerrato continued. “He’ll jump double moves. He gets beat a lot, Rob, on double moves. I think against Tennessee he got beat twice. Gets out of pedal quickly. I think he gets out of pedal quickly, Rob, because he knows he can run.

“In summary, this kid has good size, athletic ability, has very good speed, shows catch-up, very good ball skills and very good hands. He will tackle, shows ability to wrap, looks more comfortable in zone than man-to-man. I don’t see real quick feet in the pedal — he gets out of the pedal quickly because he has confidence in his speed. In man-to-man, he got  beat too much with double moves. Shows smarts in zone. I like him in press and zone. Don’t like him in off-man. Will help if he goes to a zone team.

“He has skills, but he takes so many chances Rob, I think because he had the 13 interceptions,” Cerrato concluded. “He’s trying to get interceptions, and he’s such a gambler that he looks in the back. He is definitely prone to double moves. But the guy can tackle. He’ll come up and tackle, he’ll do those things. He’s got size. I like him in press coverage. He needs to work on his pedal some.”

And now you know what it would like to be inside the Redskins draft room in the bad old days. Lots of pedal talk, basically.

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Would be less stressful for everyone, I’m thinking.


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