There are going to be a lot of things said by and about Jason Collins in the next coming days, weeks, years. I promise I won’t write about all of them, but some are worth sharing, like the fact that Collins reached out to N’Sync’s Lance Bass yesterday for coming out advice.

“He’s been trying to plan this for a very long time, contemplating if he wanted to do this,” Bass said yesterday on his SiriusXM show, “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass.”

“In fact, he said he was going to call me months ago but was too scared, because he wanted to tell me. I don’t [know him personally]—we have mutual friends. [Actress] JoAnna Garcia [Swisher] is a really good friend of his and was like ‘Call Lance.’ And so he did. And I gave him some very good advice today because of course everybody wants to interview him…and he was figuring out who would get that first sit down. …he calls and I was like ‘So, how is your day going?’ And he was like ‘Well, just got off the phone with two presidents and Oprah, so pretty good.’

“I told him, look,” Bass continued. “This is what I wish would have happened when I came out…because when I came out I had 24 hours to decide what was going to happen, because basically the magazine said ‘We’re doing it with or without you.’ So I had 24 hours to decide to do this interview and I did – with People magazine, and I thought it went great. But what I wish I could have done back then was to have a couple of days to sit down with HRC, sit down with GLAAD…get downloaded [on how to handle this]…because back then…[it was just] like Jason told me today ‘I don’t really know many gay people because all my life has been is sports, [and] I’ve had such a crazy schedule I never had to think about my private life.’ So I gave him some really great connections…he’s going to sit down with GLAAD today…and get some really good information before he does these sit downs…so he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth, say something that he’s going to regret…because this will live [on] for the rest of his life, and he’ll always have this first sit down to look back on – and he wants to make sure it’s good.”

That first sitdown was with Good Morning America and it was good, so I guess the pep talk from Bass worked.

(Transcription provided by SiriusXM)