(David Goldman/AP)


Redskins draft pick Bacarri Rambo didn’t always have a super awesome name. His mother’s maiden name was Fudge, so he was born Bacarri Fudge. But when Rambo was in grade school, his parents legally changed his last name to match his father, Danny Rambo.

“When people see the name ‘Rambo’ on the back of my jersey, they expect me to be a hard-nosed killer with a scarf around my head and paint under my eyes,” he told the AP in 2010. “If I was playing in the secondary and named Fudge, everybody would say I was soft. I went from being soft to being hard.

Well, not immediately. Because you see, Rambo had a soft nickname that stuck with him until he 18 years old. From Red & Black in 2010:

“When I was an infant, my mom used to always give me cough drops, because I always used to cry. So I’d get cough drops, and I’d suck on them and my eyes, they’d say I’d look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, because my eyes would get big,” Rambo said. “So I’d look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, then it went from Mr. Magoo, to Magoo, then everyone started calling me ‘Goo.’”

For 18 years, he was Goo. For the last three, he’s been Bacarri.

“That’s like a hometown nickname. None of the teachers at my school called me Bacarri. Matter of fact, I’ve never ever heard my mom or my dad call me Bacarri,” Rambo said. “They probably don’t even know my first name to be honest. Everybody calls me Goo back at home.”

So until he was in grade school, he was Goo Fudge. Then Goo Rambo. Now Bacarri Rambo.

It’s a little disappointing to learn that he didn’t choose the name Rambo on his own, but it does explain this, from his ESPN 980 Sports Fix interview yesterday.

“I haven’t watched either one of ‘em,” he said, when asked if he had seen any of the Rambo movies. “I haven’t watched one. I might have to go rent it tonight and watch it. I heard it plenty of times, but I just never paid attention to it or was interested in it.”