Michael Wilbon’s long-term skepticism about the Capitals is well-documented, from writing that “right now, Ovechkin would need a telescope to see Crosby,” to wondering if LeBron James was “the NBA version of Alex Ovechkin, which is to say a transcendent talent who collects all kinds of individual hardware but cannot win a championship,” to writing that “even as Crosby waits to see when he might be cleared for play, Ovechkin is in his rearview mirror,” to telling Ovechkin “you know what, win. Win something. Win something. Because right now, you haven’t done jack.”

But, in a surprise move, Wilbon actually picked the Caps to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals this season. This came during a Tuesday PTI segment with Tony Kornheiser and Barry Melrose, who both picked Pittsburgh to win the East. Looks like Caps fans will finally be happy with Wilbon.

“You know what, I know that Pittsburgh and Crosby have owned Ovechkin and the Capitals in every important situation,” Wilbon said. “In the Olympics, [in] any corner of the globe they have ice, Pittsburgh and Crosby  have owned Ovechkin and the Capitals. I’m going the other way, and I’m taking Ovechkin and the Capitals to win the East.”

“Really?” Kornheiser asked. “You home dog. Wow.”

“Not even home,” Wilbon corrected. “We’re about to get to my home.”

And then they talked about the Blackhawks, who Wilbon picked to beat the Caps in the Finals.

So like I said, looks like Caps fans will finally be happy with Wilbon.

(Via @dcsportsnexus. Image of Ovechkin with droopy stick courtesy @GUHoya07.)