With Gerard Butler. (By Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)


Robert Griffin III’s online rejection of “the tyranny of political correctness” was interesting, although I’m still not quite sure exactly what he was talking about.

Anyhow, it turns out that Voice of the Redskins Larry Michael shares Griffin’s outrage.

“Alright, before we turn our attention to a very special guest, our daily look at the most retweeted items in Redskins Nation, our look at social media.” Michael said on Wednesday’s episode of Redskins Nation. “And at the top of the list: Wale.”

[Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward.]

[Ok, here we go.]

“And also we want to show you, we want to tell you a tweet that Robert Griffin III put out,” Michael later said. “You can go back and look at RGIII’s Twitter if you want. And [Tuesday], RGIII tweeted the following: In a land of freedom  — in a LAND of FREEDOM – we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.

“Man, he is a smart dude,” Michael concluded. “I couldn’t agree more with that tweet from RGIII. What do you think?”

What do I think? I think I feel like I’m at a party where everyone’s talking about the hottest new TV show, except I’ve been locked in a cellar for the past two months eating only toast and mulberry jam so I’ve never heard of it, plus everyone’s decided to talk exclusively in Finnish, using walkie talkies that cannot be heard without special ear pieces that are only available at an Ashburn Radio Shack hidden in the woods behind Redskins Park.

Seriously, what did I miss?

Anyhow, former Redskins lineman Jordan Black is also on RGIII’s side.

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