(Jim Young/Reuters)

My colleague Chris Cillizza has a great weekly feature called “Worst Week in Washington,” where he spotlights a political figure who has landed on the wrong side of the press. I’m stealing a page out of his playbook, and it was my original intention to award a “Worst Week” to a D.C. sports figure every Friday. But I’m generally not a cranky person, so I decided that the Bog version should be all puppies and chocolate-chip cookies. So here’s “Best Week in Washington Sports.” 

I think it would be unfair to give our first Best Week to anyone other than Jason Collins. A life-altering decision led to calls from two presidents (and Oprah!), support from all over the world, and a place in the history books as the first active gay athlete in a major American sport. Also, he got to talk to Lance Bass.

Of course, an announcement like that doesn’t come without controversy, and in this case the religious argument was the loudest. Chris Broussard found himself under fire for using his appearance on ESPN to speak out about how Collins’s lifestyle went against Broussard’s religious beliefs. Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler lost a paid church appearance for publicly supporting Collins. The Daily Beast parted ways with Howard Kurtz, partly over a flawed column criticizing Collins.

But Collins, who talked about his Christian values in his coming-out piece, has focused on the positive and called the support he has received “mind-boggling.” He took time to send a thank-you via Twitter, where his follower count ballooned from a few thousand to more than 100,000 after his breaking news.