Caps fans and analysts seemed pretty pleased by the team’s performance against the Rangers in Game 1. But MSG Network analyst Ron Duguay will not be cowed.

“If I’m a player, leaving this game, even just watching this game, I’m not intimidated by Washington,” the longtime NHLer said during a Thursday night postgame show. “I wasn’t that impressed. They’re not that physical, I don’t think. Yeah, they had the best of the play, but it’s not a team that you feel like, Oh my goodness, dude, can we beat this team? No, they’ve got to feel like they can beat this squad at their very best — just eliminate some of the mistakes. But I’m not intimidated by the Washington Capitals.”

So if the Caps’ mission in Game 1 was to intimidate the New York analyst in the amazing shirt, they clearly failed.

“The fact that [the Rangers] were able not to play their best and still be there and still look back and say, Wow, we had a chance at it, I think is a positive,” a much less optimistic Brian Leetch said. “I still think they’ll be disappointed with a lot of aspects of their game….Overall, still, Washington skated better. They had more players going closer to the top of their game.”

(Via @kasrawiNYC.)