Most-famous-pro-athlete-in-Washington-history Robert Griffin III had one of his typical weekends, posing with every famous person in the world at the Kentucky Derby while wearing a funny hat, and then making it back to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Ashburn in time for the Floyd Mayweather fight, while still wearing that same funny hat.

The rest of his group was also all in hats, according to ace reporter @tomcblock, who provided the above photo. And yes, obviously the people in the BW3 crowd realized who he was. This was Ashburn, after all.

Of course, Griffin was also pretty well noticed during his weekend in Louisville, posing for photos with Shaq, and Star Jones, and Michelle Beadle, and Dr. J., and Scottie Pippen, and who knows how many other celebrities.

The whole most-famous-pro-athlete-in-Washington-history thing was supposed to be a joke, but if you think about it, what D.C. athletes at their prime caused this sort of commotion? Riggo? Theismann? Walter Johnson? Sammy Baugh? Michael Jordan, if he counts. It’s a pretty small list, though.

(Images via @tomcblock, @Shaq, @StarJonesEsq, @adammcginnis and @Redskins.)