Early in Saturday’s Nats-Pirates matinee, which was broadcast regionally by Fox, Jordan Zimmermann got on the network’s headset for an in-game interview.

Now, ordinarily this might not be newsworthy, inasmuch as Zimmermann is on the quiet side, perhaps slightly more quotable than a batting helmet. But this particular interview was livened up by a steady shower of sunflower seeds, mixed in with scattered bubble gum drops.

First Zimmermann was hit with a fistful of seeds, and then a blast of gum, and then an even bigger deluge of seeds.

“These guys are having some fun right now,” he noted, with a smile, which was news in itself.

Then the camera showed what appeared to be Kurt Suzuki flinging away an empty cup of possible evidence while Jayson Werth reloaded.

And then Zimmermann raised a hand in self-defense as the seed storm began anew.

Seems like someone should cross “not loose enough in the dugout” off the possible explanations for this season’s sluggish start.