(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Because I’ve long promised passionate supporters of the Redskins team name that I would attempt to give equal prominence to their media allies, here is some dialog from ESPN 980’s “Inside the Locker Room” last week. This came during a discussion of rookie safety Bacarri Rambo:

Larry Michael: I like the kid.

Scott Jackson: It’s a great name. It is a GREAT name for a hard-hitting safety.

Michael: I’ll tell you what’s a great name.

Jackson: What’s that?

Michael: Redskins is a great name. That’s a great name.

Jackson: I was gonna ask you what you thought about that poll. What did you think, the AP thing that came out, 79 percent of a thousand people they spoke to are still just fine with the nickname.

Michael: Well, I mean, I think you say the people have spoken when you say that. And when you take a look at some of the comments that have been made recently by the politicians, and for the most recent guy to come out and say he’s available to come and speak to the team about  changing the name of the team? Where was he before he got elected? It just bothers me. Did the people, did the different wards in Washington….And Doc, you and I know that the core Redskin fan, we talk about the DMV, we’re talking about D.C. The ‘D’ of the DMV, Washington D.C., downtown D.C. And you know what happens down there, the second-favorite team, you know who they are in D.C.

Doc Walker: Dallas.

Michael: Yes. But the Redskins fans are the core team. So they can do something. They don’t like what they see from these politicians, they have the right of the vote. Because I don’t think anybody voted these guys in to talk about this subject. Do you believe that’s true?…In terms of the Redskins, and the 80-year tradition, and the millions upon millions upon millions of fans who love and have pride in the name, their voice needs to be heard, and that poll is the fan’s voice. And there is some talk of another poll, that the local paper wants to go out and do a poll of their own.  Well to me, this poll speaks volumes….To me, I grew up in the area, and I say Hail to the Redskins. Hail to the Redskins means Hail to the Redskins.

Among the politicians who have expressed various levels of misgivings about the team name in recent months: Vincent Gray, Eleanor Holmes Norton, David Grosso, and Rushern Baker.