You’ve likely already seen Mike Green’s Game 2 overtime winner multiple times, but you haven’t heard it until you’ve listened to a mic’d-up Mike Ribeiro. This clip combines a pleasing ice-level view with euphoric ambient noise with Ribeiro proving eloquent in victory, as he says something like “YEAHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH MICHAELLLLLLLL!!!!!”

Now, I’m not sure that Ribeiro really refers to Green as Michael, here or in any other venue, but that’s sure what this sounds like. Although, mostly, it just sounds like roar.

For different audio experiences, you can listen to John Walton’s radio call here, or check out what things sounded like in the 400 level here.


Whether you like it or not, untucking is rapidly becoming a thing, from Rafael Soriano to Ian Desmond to F.P. Santangelo, and now, to Jayson Werth. We can’t be a month away from the Presidents racing with shirts tucked in, leading to a dramatic victory untuck.

“Desmond would not mind more teammates joining him and Werth,” Kilgore wrote. “One day, he’d like to see every National, from the bullpen to bench, untuck together. ‘One man at a time,’ Desmond said.”


The Baltimore Sun published a long look at the relationship between the Nats and Orioles and their intertwining fanbases. One passage:

“Each team markets more heavily close to home. But the Orioles don’t believe countless baseball fans in Washington, Virginia and other states abandoned the team once the Nationals showed up.

‘We feel there are certainly many Orioles fans who have been Orioles fans for many years throughout the region that should continue to receive information on the club and want to follow the club,’ [VP Greg] Bader said….

[Andy] Feffer, the [Nats’] chief operating officer since 2010, said Washington-area fans may still follow the Orioles but were ready to embrace a new team….

I think what you’re seeing more and more of is that plenty of people that grew up in the Washington area — who have been dying to have a baseball team that was their own — have adopted the Nationals because that is the hometown team,” Feffer said.


Sweetheart John Tortorella is being a sweetheart.

“Last time I remember, you need four games to win a series, and our guys are fully aware of that.”


A bunch of Redskins superfan types were asked to participate in a music video about their favorite team. I ran into them near Ben’s Chili Bowl on Sunday afternoon. After that, they were off to Gravelly Point. @RG3Woman posted this photo.


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