Josh Wilson’s assignment for yesterday’s Brian Orakpo Leukemia Golf Classic was to run the tournament’s putting contest. Each team got a chance to putt into a bullseye, and Wilson spent the day on the putting green explaining the rules to any foursome willing to pony up $100 to compete. The winning team would pocket $250, and the rest would go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Wilson played his host duties well, complimenting golfers on their shots and teasing his teammates about their lack of putting prowess. But it was a clever comment Wilson made to Kirk Cousins that had everyone laughing.

When Cousins’s group made it to the putting green, they elected Cousins to putt second to last. By the time the Redskins quarterback stepped up, all he needed to was land his ball inside the target to beat the day’s highest scoring group. Wilson gave Cousins, who will be filling in for Robert Griffin III during offseason team activities, this bit of familiar encouragement:

“Hey, no pressure no diamonds, right?” said Wilson, before cracking up laughing.

Unfortunately RGIII’s catchphrase is non-transferable. Cousins missed his putt, and a fellow golfer had to step in for the tiebreaker.

“I think it would be a stretch to say I’m a golfer,” Cousins told me before hitting the course. “I probably go out two or three times a year for things like this. Sometimes I hit it straight, sometimes I don’t. But we’re going to have fun.”

Cousins was wearing a Michigan State wind breaker, not uncommon for the quarterback who can usually be seen in gear for his alma mater.

“He’s going to be buried in a Michigan State coffin,” joked Logan Paulsen at breakfast.

“Michigan State clothing was given to me for free and my closet is full of Michigan State clothing and I don’t take the time to go out and shop for new stuff,” explained Cousins, feigning hurt pride. “But if Logan wants to buy me new clothing, I would gladly wear that over my Michigan State stuff. Until someone gives me more free clothing, I’m going to keep wearing the Spartans.”

Someone hook him up.

Here’s video of that missed putt: