(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


Brian Orakpo took to Twitter last week with a special announcement for the world.


The newest Orakpo is named Brianna. She’s the first daughter for the Redskins linebacker, who already has a son.

“Not my first rodeo,” he said of his return trip to the delivery room. “But this time was a lot easier. I knew what to expect, and it’s a blessing because I was able to get that girl that I wanted. I had the boy that I wanted at first and it’s always perfect to get the girl next. I’m good right now, she’s healthy. I couldn’t be more blessed.”

Orakpo said that he’s already gotten advice from his fellow teammates on how to handle girls.

“They said daughters are gonna melt your heart and you’re gonna spoil them to death and I can already see it now, because I’m the one holding my daughter more than her mother,” the proud father said. “When I’m in the house, I’m the one doing the little things here and there as much as I can.”

Kedric Golston has two daughters and knows the feeling.

“Girls melt your heart,” he agreed. “Obviously any man wants a boy to continue their legacy, but girls melt your heart the way they look at you. Boys, when they’re young, they’re mommas’ boys. That girl is always smiling on you, and loving on you. It’s a great thing.”

Golston said that having daughters has brought out his own softer side.

“I think when a boy falls, you tell them to get up,” he said. “When your girl looks like she’s gonna fall, you’re sprinting over there to make sure she’s okay. I think you smile a whole lot more. You talk softly to the girls. I mean, it’s just your little girl and I think whereas a boy will grow up and be a man, that daughter will always be your little girl, no matter how old she is.”

It’s all puppies and rainbows now, but Orakpo said he’s already preparing for a teenage Brianna.

“I got my shotgun ready,” he laughed.

I think a 6-foot-4, 250-pound linebacker answering the door would be enough to scare away most potential teenage suitors.