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If the Nats don’t get back on a 98-win pace at some point this season, I hope we can at least get an oral history of how internal tumult between pro- and anti-wave forces split the clubhouse, pit teammate against teammate, distracted the roster with a pursuit of the Hegelian dialectic and ultimately led to the team’s unraveling into a long and broken string of unfulfilled Natitude.

If the Nats do, in fact, resume their 98-win pace, I hope someone at least produces an oral history of how they did so despite the scourge of wave controversy coursing through their clubhouse.

Last month, you’ll recall, Ryan Mattheus seemed to backtrack on his previous wave criticism, even as more prominent names like Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond came out in support of waving.

That left me thinking that the Nats’ clubhouse was uniting around the occasionally loathed crowd stunt, but comes now Drew Storen to continue his previously stated opposition, bringing this issue into its second month.

“I’ve got to go Team Mattheus,” Storen told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier, although I’m not even sure what team Mattheus belongs to at this point.

Storen went on to say he enjoys “things that get the crowd into it. But the wave is, I believe, the one thing that kind of takes away from the game. You know what, you can do it in certain situations,” Storen continued, “but the wave is the one thing that kind of takes away from the game.”

It was pointed out that perhaps there is a divide here between pitchers and hitters on this polarizing matter.

“That’s the underlying theme of the situation,” Storen agreed.


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