When videos surfaced a couple of weeks ago featuring a high school-aged Kirk Cousins in various musical performances, the biggest question was how they had stayed a secret for so long. It turns out that the videos eventually went public thanks to the Redskins quarterback’s own trusting nature.

When he was a sophomore at Michigan State, Cousins gave the videos to local newscaster Lisa Byington for a story with specific instructions.

“I gave her the DVDs of the singing videos in high school and said, ‘You can pick this little two-minute segment, or that little two-minute segment,’’ Cousins explained to me. “I gave her specific instructions as to what she could and couldn’t show. And she [followed instructions]. It was a little local news deal, didn’t really ‘get out,’ if you will. Well, apparently she still had all of it, and as the years passed she decided she would take some other stuff from it. So she picked a couple of my solos, where I was a little bit more out there and all the dancing — a little bit more than I would have liked — and she showed them.”

Cousins told me that he wasn’t upset and that it was all in fun. But apparently word traveled fast, and wasn’t long before his fellow players caught wind of it.

“Every one of these guys,” he laughed, when I asked if any of his teammates had teased him about the videos. “Some of the coaches, they were doing the dance moves. I guess what I can say is I got a couple new touchdown dances to break out if I score again.”

Ryan Kerrigan was one of those guys having some fun with Cousins, but he admitted that he was a little bit impressed with the performances.

“It’s pretty funny,” said Kerrigan. “He’s good though, that was the thing. I don’t know whether to make fun of him or applaud him. Maybe a little of both.”

A little of both works for me.

Kedric Golston also expressed some admiration for his Rennaissance quarterback.

“I’m a little bit older now, so I can dig it,” he said. “I think the more well-rounded you can be in the arts and in sports is all good. I’m going to make my kids pick up an instrument and play, just to get some culture in things besides sports. I think it helps them develop as overall people and understand different areas in life.”

As for Cousins, he says we won’t be seeing him on stage again soon.

“I think we gotta leave the past in the past,” he said.

I say we keep the past in the present a little bit longer. Here’s that video again: