The tedious and painstaking work of documenting the Nats’ post-home-run celebrations continued on Wednesday night, when Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond seemed to break out a new routine.

When Harper returned to the dugout after his 10th of the season, he gave virtually every teammate a single high-five. But Desmond, as seen above, was deliberately given the double-high-five, otherwise known as a high ten.

Then they whirled the joint 10s — a 20? — to the side.


And kept whirling.


Then Desmond executed a fake jab into Harper’s mid-section.


And removed his helmet.


And even though Ryan Zimmerman was at the plate, some fan marked the occasion by repeatedly waving his Harper jersey. No respect.


Here’s the full sequence, via @recordsANDradio. Also, after the game, Harper was asked what that homered baseball would say if it could talk. Which it probably can’t. Since very few baseballs are capable of sentient thought.