This is super super old, but it’s new to me, and it’s fabulous, so let’s press on anyhow.

Drew Storen was discussing the Nats’ bullpen shenanigans with Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday afternoon. They asked him about one incident during a day game with the Cardinals last month. Storen remembered it well.

“We’ll tend to mix in some rallies down there, so I figured we’d get a little creative with a rally cocktail waitress,” Storen explained. “So I went over and took the top off the Gatorade cooler, and then filled up half the cups on the lid with water and Gatorade, depending on peoples’ preference. Flipped the Gatorade towel over the shoulder and walked around and served the guys. And all the firefighters we’ve got down in the bullpen too, served ’em drinks. And I got a 50-cent tip from one of the firefighters, so I made some money out of it. And we all took shots of Gatorade just to kind of get the flow of the game working in the right direction.”

Again, I had missed this at the time, so I went back and checked it out. The visuals are striking.

“There ya go,” F.P. Santangelo said, after the first base hit of the inning, which prompted a bullpen celebration. “That knock was because of you two right down there: Tyler Clippard, Ryan Mattheus.”

A second batter reached base.

“Got the pants up, too,” Santangelo observed. “Tyler Clippard with the rally pants, the rally hat.”

“We don’t really want to show that,” Bob Carpenter said.

“Well, it’s working,” Santangelo argued. “That’s a case where if you’re in the Nats bullpen and you have your rally hats on, you stay in the same seat.”

Soon Storen began serving drinks.

“Lance Lynn said Drew Storen didn’t like carrying the water bucket when he was a freshman, but as an established Major Leaguer he doesn’t mind serving in the bullpen,” Carpenter observed.

“Rally Gatorade too? Nice,” Santangelo said.

“I love the towel on the left arm,” Carpenter said.

“He’s like a Maître d’,”  down there,” Santangelo said. “I like it. When you’re struggling as a team offensively, you’ll do anything to change it up.”

“Well, hopefully the next course of this meal will be a run or two,” Carpenter said.

Indeed, the Nats scored, and at some point Mattheus affixed two empty cups to his ears.

“Oh goodness,” Santangelo said. “They’ve taken it to a whole new level down there. It was good for a run. Ryan Mattheus has his rally earphones on.”

Rally everything, Nats bullpen. Rally on.