(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


My colleague Chris Cillizza has a great weekly feature called “Worst Week in Washington,” where he spotlights a political figure who has landed on the wrong side of the press. I’m stealing a page out of his playbook, and it was my original intention to award a “Worst Week” to a D.C. sports figure every Friday. But I’m generally not a cranky person, so I decided that the Bog version should be all puppies and chocolate-chip cookies. So here’s “Best Week in Washington Sports.” 

“The Grim Reaper,” outfielder Jayson Werth called Rafael Soriano earlier this week. “He doesn’t come in to get you out. He comes in to steal your soul.”

The Nats closer has brought experience, dependability, and a paralyzing pitch rotation to Washington. He’s also brought an untucked tradition, and his teammates are jumping on board, one by one. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the pitcher, who said at least one of his previous teams wasn’t so supportive.

“With the Yankees, nobody do it,” Soriano said, via Adam Kilgore. “With the Yankees” — he rolled his eyes — “people get mad.”

This week, the support has swelled. The hashtag #untuck was trending on Twitter in Washington Thursday. T-shirts and photoshops have been created, and when Nats players don’t take initiative, it has become a thing to untuck for them.

For Soriano, it has become a symbol that his work is done, like kicking off your shoes when you walk in the door after a hard day at the office. And it won’t be long before the trend spreads and 42,000 people are untucking along with him.

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