In advance of Mother’s Day on Sunday, Robert Griffin III’s mom, Jackie, sat down for a chat with FoxDC to reveal some things about her son. For instance, she called him Robbie when he was a child. Also, his older sister used to dress him up as a baby doll.

Perhaps the biggest piece of information was that, according to Fox reporter Shawn Yancy, RGIII and his fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat, are getting married this summer. The wedding news has been kept secret until now, and Jackie said that’s typical of her son.

“You would never know, based on his press conferences and everything he does in the media, but he still has that shyness to him and that quietness to him,” she explained. “He loves being at home, quiet and to himself. That hasn’t changed.”

According to Jackie, she and Griffin have a pregame tradition, similar to the one teammate Nick Sundberg shares with his mom.

“I wouldn’t call it a ritual, but we do talk before the games,” she said. “I also text him, and I always text him a scripture or something – whatever the Lord lays on my heart – to let him know that this is just another battle and you’re gonna do this with God’s help. And it works for us.”

RGIII brought his mom to Wednesday’s luncheon for Tanya Snyder, and admitted that his mom brings out his softer side.

“Moms are truly special to everybody,” he said. “My mom holds a special place in my heart.”