Rightly or wrongly, many Caps fans were apoplectic when their team was penalized five times Sunday afternoon in New York, while the Rangers made it through 60 minutes without once breaking the rules. Some of that anger was reflected on Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show, which opened with Al Koken and Alan May discussing the officiating.

“I know you were very frustrated,” Koken said to May. “I still can’t figure out how a team that was as dominant as the Capitals were in the third period had zero power plays this afternoon. Alan May, can you put your finger on it? I mean, I don’t want to overdo what the referees haven’t done, but it’s embarrassing.”

“Well, you know, we’ve seen this three times at Madison Square Garden in the last week,” May responded. “And we had the same referee, Marc Joannette, on Wednesday night [in game 4]. The same guy today turned his back and looked away when Mathieu Perreault was hit five seconds after a puck — [was] ran from behind, head-first into the glass. Not a call.

“The Capitals couldn’t get a call all game long,” May continued. “It set them back. They were very tired at the end of the first period, had to kill off a 5-on-3 again. The only [call] that’s a clear-cut penalty, you look at the puck over the glass. But the Joel Ward penalty in the third period is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing that it was called. And I really can’t believe that that guy was assigned this game again.”

Later, the duo discussed the Capitals again falling into an early penalty-kill situation.

“It’s hard to stomach, because it really puts the players in a different mindset when that starts to happen,” May said later. “It’s that here we go again thing, and all of the sudden you don’t know if you can finish a hit, you don’t know if you can go to the net because you’re going to take a call. So it changes the flow and the pace of the game, and once again, it keeps guys like Ovechkin off the ice offensively at the start of the game.”

“It’s absolutely shameful,” May later said of the power-play discrepancy.

“1st Star today for Rangers #25 referee Marc Joannette, even worse today than he was at MSG Wednesday,” May wrote on Twitter. “Should be ashamed, very bad.”