Last month, Davey Johnson proposed a solution for slowing down Bryce Harper.

“We may get one of those dart guns out in the bullpen,” he joked. “And when he goes out this year we shoot him right in the rear end and remind him, you know, get it down.”

They could have used one of those dart guns last night to prevent Harper from crashing face first into the scoreboard at Dodger Stadium (see scary video above). Harper was okay, after 11 stitches, and of course it made for some awesome quotes from his teammates.

“I thought he was going to try to brace himself or do something,” Denard Span told reporters after the game. “As the ball kept going, I just was like, ‘Is he going to stop?’ And he just kept going.

“I’ve never seen anybody run into the wall like that.”

Span also said that, as usual, Harper fought to stay in the game.

“Thank God he was able to get up. He actually was trying to stay in the game. I was looking at him like, ‘No, you need to come out of the game.’ He’s a warrior. I guarantee he’s probably going to try to play tomorrow. I just thank God he’s okay,” said Span. “He kept telling Davey, ‘I’m okay, serious.’ I was like, ‘Is somebody going to step up and say he’s not okay? Because he doesn’t look too good.’”

Harper passed a concussion test, and Johnson had a “let-Harper-be-Harper” attitude about it all.

“He’s not worried about the wall or anything,” Johnson said. “He should know it’s on the warning track and back off, but that’s not his nature. I don’t want to change that. I feel sorry for the wall if he keeps running into them.”

It’s all fun and games until someone ruins his knee runs into a wall because he didn’t know his own limits.

As for Harper, looks like he’s willing to die for the game of baseball.