After the Nats collapsed against the Cardinals in October, I quickly published a blog post about perspective and moving on and learning from pain and all that stuff, which is likely insufferable in retrospect.

“I’m tucking my chin behind my shoulder the next time,” the item ended, quoting Shirley Povich from a 1933 column. “I can take it — but it hurts.”

I could write the same thing this week, but I don’t really feel like it. I could also explain away that feeling by citing all the depressing playoff stats from Caps history — 3-9 in Game 7s, 2-7 in Game 7s at home, an absurd 4-6 in best-of-seven series they’ve led 2-0 — but I don’t really feel like that, either.

Whether it’s smart or stupid or meaningful or pointless, people and athletes and coaches and announcers get invested in sports teams. And then those teams lose, and then people and athletes and coaches and announcers are sad. Or they eat ice cream. These are some of their faces on one particular night.

Also, I did like this quote from Eric Fehr, via Brian McNally. He was talking about playoff lessons moving forward.

“There’s no point in talking about it,” Fehr said. “We’re living right now and we lost. That’s it.”

(Brooks Laich photo via @lockmanboy)