It’s always annoying to me when musicians change song lyrics to pander to the city they’re playing in that night. Last month when she was performing at Verizon Center, Alicia Keys changed one of the verses in “Empire State of Mind” and sang “In Dee.Ceeee.” The crowd went nuts, but we all know that the next concert was “In Deeetroooit.” Just sing the darn song.

Taylor Swift was at Verizon Center on Monday night, and she committed a similar act of pandering, slipping a Redskins mention into her song “Stay Stay Stay,” something about “you walked in with a Redskins helmet on.” The crowd was all, “ZOMG, Taylor Swift is a Redskins fan!”

Swift plays Cowboys Stadium later this month. Pretty sure her boyfriend in the song will be wearing a Cowboys helmet that night.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go kick some puppies.

(via @MimiPh)