Bryce Harper’s collision with the outfield wall on Monday led to 11 stitches, sore legs, shoulder, ribs, hand and wrist, and nausea. But the worst part, according to Harper, was the loss of his facial hair.

Ah, perspective.

Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully had a different opinion on the beard issue. Before last night’s game, he and Charlie Slowes had an on-air chat, and Scully was able to see the silver lining (transcription by

The only good thing about is it knocked his beard off …and I was delighted to see…(Slowes heard laughing in the background)…I went down to the clubhouse because I admire his play and there he was clean-shaven, uh stiches under the chin…such a fine young man and an outstanding player…and it’s none of my business but I hope he stays clean shaven.

Something tells me Scully is going to be very disappointed. As for Harper, he followed up on his tweet from yesterday about not changing the way he plays and expressed frustration over the criticism he received for not playing smart.

“I’m going to play this game for the rest of my life and try to play it as hard as I can every single day,” Harper said. “My life being on the line, trying to kill myself out there for my team, trying to win a World Series, people can laugh at that all they want. At the end of the day, I’m going to look myself in the mirror and say I played this game as hard as I could.”

Perhaps someone should tell him that he doesn’t literally have to put his life on the line.




Davey Johnson on the Nats’ mediocre performance:

“There’s a few guys on the ballclub who are not doing the things they’re capable of doing. They’ve been struggling off and on all year and we just need to right the ship. I know it’s been an issue. There’s progress. The middle of my lineup’s doing a lot of good things. But some of the other guys are not doing the things they’re capable of doing.”


RGIII on the set of the Nissan Heisman House commercial.

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