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When Bryce Harper hit that that wall the other night and found himself on his back and confused, it lead some people to wonder if he had a concussion. While the team performed multiple tests and concluded that he didn’t, Harper’s admission on Tuesday that he was nauseous led people to speculate that the team was holding something back, and that he was, in fact, concussed.

The team reiterated that Harper was fine, offering some theories to back that up. MASN reporter Julie Alexandria reported during last night’s game that trainers told her Harper was nauseous because he was hungry. Davey Johnson, who might need a refresher course in head injuries, had this to say, via Adam Kilgore:

“I wasn’t worried about the concussion. He got hit on the chin. Nobody gets a concussion from getting hit on the chin. You might get knocked out. You don’t usually get a concussion from that. He’s got a few aches and pains, but he’s young. He’ll probably be alright today.”

Nobody gets a sore leg, shoulder, and ribs from getting hit on the chin, either. It wasn’t just Harper’s chin that came in contact with that wall.

As for the way Harper plays, many have said he needs to dial it back a bit. Mike Rizzo weighed in on the contrary, and said he’d like to see him add a new trick to the repertoire. Perhaps with some flames next time.

“To say because he ran into the wall that he plays too hard and he needs to throttle it down, that’s not what the great ones do. The great ones control it. But I always say I want him to play 100 miles an hour with his hair on fire and get after it like he does. I wouldn’t change one thing with the way he plays, other than with experience, he won’t be in those situations. But he’s not he only one who’s ran into the wall and got hurt.”




Davey Johnson, on last night’s loss:

“We had the right guys up there. I don’t know if we’re trying to do too much instead of just hitting the ball. I don’t know. But we’ll figure it out. We’ve got the guys to do it.”


A fresh-faced Bryce Harper.

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