For the second spring in a row, Mike Shanahan and Joe Gibbs shared a few on-camera laughs while talking quarterbacks with Larry Michael.

Last year, the Redskins hadn’t yet drafted Robert Griffin III. This year, RGIII already has a division title under his belt.

“You’ve got to have a great quarterback,” Gibbs said this week, during a Youth For Tomorrow fundraiser. “I’d say that right now, Robert and these guys winning the division last year, that to me is a huge deal. I was there for the games down the stretch, and I would say Mike would be the first to tell you, you’ve got to have somebody underneath that center that can get the job done. And we’d like to think it’s all coaching, but I want to tell you the truth: It’s not.”

“First of all, you don’t get it done with three different quarterbacks,” Shanahan countered. “Coach is the first person ever to do that, and that’s kind of an unbelievable task. But he’s right: you’ve got to have a quarterback, and we all know you’ve got to have a supporting cast. But I thought it was a great year for Robert to accomplish what he did as a rookie, and it’s a great start for our organization, hopefully heading in the right direction.”

(Say this: Both men know how to coach a bit, and both men also know how to talk into cameras without really saying a whole lot.)

Oh, but Gibbs did make one interesting observation.

“Coaches are kind of weird,” he said. “You know, we talk about the players all the time, [but] we sit in those rooms, get in all kinds of arguments and fights. It’s kind of a weird — in a lot of ways, a different profession.”